What Happens In A Tax Investigation UK?

It is a known fact that many a times and almost mostly the business men are always in a position to be audited by the tax department from time to time. But one needs to understand that exactly when these are in the most serious of their modes or when these are just like a routine check. One can be very much assured though that if the income tax department or the HM Revenue and Customs actually suspects one of inaccurate tax returns then their visit can be more than just serious. This article will help one in realizing that what are the ways that these tax investigations are done and what re the ways that one can remain grounded at the moment?

Procedure Of The Tax Investigation:

This is an extremely professional matter and is something that involves the law in it. One should know that the HM Revenue and Customs take this matter very seriously. The investigation, if is serious is because the department has decided to believe that there are high possible chances that there had been great discrepancies between the tax that was announced and the tax that was actually due.


One should know that some of these investigations are generally because there has been a breach of the process. This is the exact reason why in these investigations one will find a detailed examination of a very particular tax return or a specific item. Whereas there can be also be investigations on the entire business assets and tax affairs of a particular individual.

What All Can The HMRC Investigate?

The following points are the point that one must remember that the HMRC can investigate about. In that case one needs to be ready with the necessary documents and the answer that will be actually suitable for the situation.

  • They have the power so that they can inspect all the necessary business documents, assets and that too in the same business premises where they feel it is necessary. They can also check the owner’s tax positions and that of the business premise’s too.
  • They also have the power enough to ask for a record that actually belongs to a twenty year old file.
  • They are eligible to visit unexpectedly and can demand any third party to provide the necessary documents and all the information regarding the tax payer.

What should One Do In These Situations?

One should be clever enough to realize that the law is with them and doing anything non smart can turn the entire things against them. The following points are the exact things that one should do under a circumstance of unexpected tax investigation:

They should keep calm under any condition and at least avoid the best possibilities of lying to HRMC. The worse possible mistake that they should avoid under this condition is thinking that the HRMC may be missing on some information, because if they have come, they have come prepared.

One can call the hm revenue number if they have any kind of query about them that needs to be answered.

Are You Actually Getting Benefits Of Tax Credit

Getting a tax credit is definitely something that people cherishes. It is one of the most important benefits in itself. A tax credit can be applied for under special circumstances, and they really do provide with a lot of help. One should though exactly know that if or if not they are eligible for these benefits? If they are then definitely, they should opt for these. If they are not aware that they already are eligible for the same then is this article is definitely for them. With this article, they can now know that how would they be benefited with the tax credit and how many types of credits are there anyways?

Types of credit available:

There are many situations when these tax credits are made eligible. These situations need thorough attention as it will be extremely helpful if someone who is suffering from any of these conditions are still unaware of the solutions that they can get. The following are the situations one should be aware of:


Working less than 16 hours a week: this is a situation where a person actually works for less than 16 hours a week and thus earns less. So what are the benefits that they are eligible for? A person in this condition can claim the Income support or the famously named Jobseeker’s allowance. But this same will not be applicable if the person has a partner working for more than about 24 hours a week and rather the partner will be eligible for the working tax credit. Also, this kind of a person will be eligible for the housing benefit and if they have children then the child tax credit and child benefit.

Working more than 16 hours or more a week: one can claim the working tax credit under this. Though this totally depends on the circumstances, one lives in. Also depending on the type of income they have they can be eligible for the housing benefit if they are on the lower income side and also they can be eligible for the child tax credit or benefit.

The working tax credit: this is one thing that depends on few situations that one needs to take care of while applying for the same:

If the person is single and without children, then they have to be over 25 years of age, and they have to work at least 30 hours a week. Or they can be just 16 or over it, and they work at least 16 hours a week. Or if they are disabled, and they get a qualifying benefit for the same.

 If the person is single and has a child to be taken care of with them, then they have to be at least 16 and they should at least work for 16 hours a week, and they have to be responsible for the child.

The list could just continue without ending, and there are many other points that one can know if they visit their website. They can visit their website or give them a call at the hm revenue numberfor the best knowledge of the same.

Tax Credit For The First Time Home Buyer In The UK

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It requires investing a lifetime worth of savings. People spend years saving for a dream home. The decision to buy a home must not be made hastily, as it is a long term commitment. Even while investing in a home, one must consult financial experts, banking authorities and tax attorneys before taking the plunge. HMRC or Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs in a non-ministerial department of the UK government which is responsible for the collection of taxes and also addresses tax related queries. The HMRC helpline can be contacted for information pertaining to tax formalities in relation to buying a house. Here are a few tax tips you need to keep handy before going house hunting.


Find Out About Additional Expenses:

Purchasing a house does not just entail paying for the premises. It is a long drawn process which entails covering a number of expenses, often non-refundable. Mortgage arrangement and valuation fees, stamp duty, solicitor’s fee, survey cost, removal cost, initial furnishing or decorating costs, Buildings insurance, brokerage fee, down payment, among others.These additional costs can add up to huge bills, and talking to a tax attorney or your financial advisor prior to making a commitment is a good idea.

Proper Documentation And Legal Verification:

Buying a home entails enormous amounts of paperwork and filing. Not only can this get tedious, but more often than not, these formalities do not make much sense to a common buyer. These can get very technical and specific and may require the intervention of a legal or financial expert, preferably both. Before you invest in a house or real estate, make sure you perform adequate background checks. Ensure that the paperwork pertaining to the land or the house is clear and up to date. This will go a long way in reducing your stress.


Talking about tax is incomplete if you forget to account for insurance facilities. Insurance comes with its own set of tax deductions and regulations. Before you buy the home, make sure your insurance procedures are also underway. Leaving it pending for later is a careless mistake which alarmingly large number of people make. Sort out your insurance formalities alongside with your home finances.

Get Professional Help:

Buying a home is a daunting task, and the worst mistake you can make is taking decisions hastily, or without sufficient information. Tax attorneys, real estate agents, and legal personnel help you understand the process better. They help estimate the credibility of your financial history, how to get optimum tax breaks, how to get the matter handled in the least possible time and most efficient way. They also assist you in calculating the ideal interest rates depending on various market factors and banking trends. Therefore, it is advisable to never come to conclusions all by yourself and instead, talk to experts first.

Buying a home is a huge commitment and may seem like an impossible task at first. But with the right information you can make the right choice and invest in the home of your dreams effortlessly.